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Can I switch my rewards program?

Once you are enrolled in a rewards program with New Leaf Energy, you can switch from one rewards program to another. To do so, please log into your MyAccount portal and click the "My Rewards & Promotions" link in the "Extras" section of the left-hand sidebar menu. You can then find prompting to help you switch to a different rewards program.

Please be advised that, if you do switch rewards program, your on-time payments counter will reset to "0." For example:

  • You have made 22 consecutive on-time bill payments on the New Leaf Green Rewards Program.
  • You decide to switch to the Travel Rewards Program so that you can earn travel-related gift cards.
  • Your consecutive on-time payment counter will reset to "0," and you will have to wait 6 on-time bill payments to earn your 1st reward on that rewards program.

If you feel that you have been switched to a different rewards program or you have questions about your rewards program status, please call 1-888-389-4302 so that you can speak with a Customer Service Representative for assistance.

Want to speak to a customer care representative? Call us toll free at 1-888-389-4302