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How can I view my New Leaf Energy electricity bill online?

New Leaf Energy allows you comprehensive access to your electricity usage just by logging into MyAccount. If you have a Smart Meter, select the "Understanding Your Bill" link to view:

  • Information about your current plan and rate
  • The meter read cycle for your local Transmission & Distribution Provider (TDSP, local or utility provider), including an approximated meter read date
  • Billing information for up to 6 previous bills and a link to see even earlier bills
  • A Weekly Electricity Usage summary that indicates daily usage over the previous 3 weeks, accompanied by a chart that is only visible if you use an AMS Smart Meter in your home or business. If you do not have an AMS Smart Meter, you will be able to view videos that further explain your bills
  • A pie graph illustrating a detailed list of New Leaf Charges, TDSP Charges, and Taxes and Fees on your most recent bill. You can also adjust the date range for this chart to see this detailed list for older bills
  • A link to New Leaf Energy's "Understanding Your Bills" FAQs
  • A link to read the TDU/TDSP Fee Definitions to help you better understand your New Leaf bill information

Please remember that New Leaf Energy obtains this data from Smart Meter Texas with a usual two-day delay. Once we obtain it, we will revise your New Leaf MyAccount so that you can see the current usage. You can also see this information by registering your Smart Meter at SmartMeterTexas.com.

If you do not have a Smart Meter right now, you can only view your monthly usage when the billing cycle has ended. When New Leaf Energy receives your monthly usage information from your local Transmission & Distribution Service Provider (e.g. Oncor, Texas-New Mexico Power), we will revise your New Leaf MyAccount so that you can see the current usage.

If your home or business has an AMS Smart Meter, New Leaf Energy will also send weekly usage updates via e-mail. With routine updates on your kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage, you can more easily decide where and how you conserve money by cutting down on energy use. The more energy usage information you have available, the more ways you can reduce your kWh usage and lower electricity bills.

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