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Texas Green Guides

At New Leaf Energy, we want to encourage people to adopt more green practices in their everyday lives. And part of this transition is learning when, where, and how you can go green in your city. With these handy "Green Guides" we hope to introduce you to a variety of products, services, resources, and activities that exist in many of the major cities across Texas.

In each Green Guide, we will share annual green living events celebrated by each city as a way to bring the citizens together to engage with each other regarding how everyone can go green more effectively and productively. We then walk through the activities, farmers markets, parks, transportation, hotels, dining opportunities, city programs, and organizations that are considered green, green-friendly, and/or environmentally friendly - and to make it extra helpful, the list is organized by neighborhood.

If you don't see your specific town represented, we encourage you to contact us with the green events in your area so that we can make that information available to everyone. We want these Green Guides to be a fantastic resource for everyone in Texas looking to go green.