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New Leaf University

Green Energy: Let's Get Educated

New Leaf U - Go Green!

Whether you are interested in using more environmental friendly products and services or you're still not sure what that means or what makes green energy such a big deal to some people, you've landed in the right spot. At the New Leaf University, we will explain some common terms and ideas about green and renewable energy so that you can make an informed choice about your retail energy provider and how you use electricity in your home or business.

It seems that more and more people and businesses are “going green” - and we at New Leaf Energy think that's a great thing. From electric vehicles and organic foods to recycled products and recycling bins, the environmental friendly options are abundantly out there, including a cleaner form of electricity. As a provider of environmentally friendly electricity plans that use 100% renewable energy, we believe that education is power, and this is certainly true when it comes to your power to choose in Texas.

Green Moving Tips

green your move

Packing up your old house and moving into a new one can be pretty wasteful. Let us show you how to make your move as green as possible.

INFOGRAPHIC: Wind Energy vs Coal Power

Renewable wind energy is more accessible, more affordable and used by more home and business than ever before. Did you know that one wind turbine can power 442 homes for a year? Experience this visual representation of the comparison between wind energy and the traditional coal power. Check it out.

Green News Hub

At our Green News Hub, you can learn what's going on in the world of green and renewable energy, from solar and wind to biomass, geothermal, and more!

Green Energy Articles

Think of this area as your "electives" - if it doesn't quite fit in one of the core courses, you can still read about it here.