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Energy Efficiency Tips for the Workplace

Green in the workplace

Practicing energy efficiency at your office does more than just protect the environment; it can lead to big savings as well. Consider that, for every dollar companies spend on energy use in commercial buildings, an average of 30 cents of that is wasted on inefficiencies, according to Energy Star®.

You may not be able to save the environment or boost your company's bottom line all by yourself but just the same, there are plenty of easy practices you can follow to make your office a more energy efficient workplace.

Let's take a look at just a few:

  • Turn off the lights. Sometimes the most effective solution is also the easiest. Twelve percent of U.S.-generated electricity is used for lighting and, as we saw above, much of that is wasted. Make sure the lights in meeting rooms and break rooms are shut off when not in use as well as office lights at the end of the day or before the weekend. Keep an eye on those desk lights as well. If you and your coworkers have trouble remembering to flick the switch before you leave, motion sensor lights will help you achieve better energy efficiency.
  • Lose the screen saver. We all love that dancing prism that appears when our computer is not in use, but screensavers sap as much energy from your computer as basic work programs. Spend your energy productively by researching more energy efficient power saving measures.
  • Go paperless. Before you print something, ask yourself, "Do I really need a hard copy of this?" If the answer is no, save it to your desktop or place the file into a folder where you can call on it later. You'll save energy by not running the printer, and you'll save paper to boot.
  • Select energy efficient products. You may not be in charge of replacing office technology, but if you are, look for Energy Star products. These products will provide you the latest features as well as save you money on your monthly energy bill.
  • Shut the blinds. The sun beating through the window in the middle of December is appreciated, but in the middle of July, not so much. If you've had enough of the sun during those summer months, closing the blinds will save on your air conditioner usage and improve your company's energy efficiency.