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Where Can I Learn More about Green Energy Plans in Texas?

Green Energy in Texas

Many people simply pay their electric bill every month without giving it anymore thought. But you've decided a green energy plan is important to you and you want to learn more about the Texas retail electricity providers who offer these plans. Good for you! The information and links below will help you in your search.

Before you start your hunt, it's important to remember that unlike many states, Texas offers an open competitive market where customers can chose from competing green energy plans.

The freedom to choose your retail electricity provider is a benefit many Texans often overlook. As you research your electricity options, make sure you determine what factors matter most to you. You know you're looking for a green provider, but what else are you interested in? Is price king? What about the longevity and stability of the company? What about rates or rewards? How about customer service? Many green energy plans have different offerings so it's important to do your homework. These sites will help you in your search.

Public Utility Commission of Texas

Before you can research different green energy plans, you need to visit the Public Utility Commission of Texas website and make sure your area is eligible for the competitive market. Most of the state is fortunate enough to have this option, but a brief check could save you time if you are not eligible.

A Price Comparison Site

The idea of searching every company providing service to your area on your own can be rather daunting. Thankfully, there are aggregators available to you in your search for green energy plans in Texas. With sites like Power to Choose, Choose Energy, and Electricity Texas, you can search through plenty of helpful information about the competitive market in Texas. And since you're looking for a specific type of energy, you can specify that you only see information about the companies that provide renewable electricity. For instance, some companies like Direct Energy offer green energy alternatives as well as traditional plans. Other companies, such as New Leaf Energy, specialize in green energy offerings only.

At this point, you've done your research, and there are a couple of companies that most interest you. The final step is to visit each company's website for the most up-to-date information, including the rates, plans, and service area. With New Leaf Energy, you can choose a monthly payment plan as well as longer contracts. At the bottom, you'll find the Green-e certification notice, informing you that all of the energy produced by this company is certified to be green. Finally, once you learn about the plans, contract terms, and prices, it's good to check for rewards programs for paying your bill, overall customer service acumen, and the social media skills used by the company to reach out to its customers.

Hopefully, once you are satisfied with your research, you can select your new green energy plan. Hooray for being an informed green energy consumer!