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New Leaf Energy strives to be a Texas electricity company that shows care and concern for the environment and our customers. We deliver 100% Green-e certified electricity generated from renewable energy sources exclusively. We provide quality customer service through phone, e-mail and social media so that you can talk to us when you have questions or comments about your service.

And we've taken the love for our customers to new heights by offering rewards programs where you earn rewards by paying your monthly electricity bill on time.

New Leaf Energy Rewards

new leaf green rewards
  • 6 Months: $50 gift card, 2 movie tickets, or Plant 3 trees
  • 12 Months: $50 Whole Foods gift card or $50 in bill credits
  • 18 Months: $15 Starbucks gift card or $15 Amazon gift card
  • 24 Months: Free Month of Green Energy (Up to $100) in form of a check or bill credit
  • 30 Months: $50 to the charity of your choice
  • 36 months: Emerald Status 3% off of your electricity bill forever

Travel Rewards

travel rewards
  • After your 6th bill is paid on-time, receive your choice of a $25 travel gift card from many great options including Southwest, United, American, and Jet Blue.
  • After your 12th bill is paid on-time, receive your choice of a $50 travel gift card.

This cycle repeats every 6 consecutive on-time bill payments you make.

Charity Rewards

charity rewards

For every 6 consecutive bills that you pay on-time, we will give $50 in your honor to the charity of your choice. Charities include: The Conservation Fund, Global Green Grants Fund, World Wildlife Fund, Food Bank, and Animal Welfare Institute.

Yup - it's that simple. Just by making sure that your electricity bill is paid on time, you will receive the chance to get great stuff for free. Better yet: you have options for the rewards program that most interests you!

If none of these rewards programs are of interest, you can decide to not be rewarded when you make on-time bill payments.

Ready to earn rewards? Get started by selecting your new green energy plan.

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