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Turn Over a New Leaf and Choose Green Energy

It's Cleaner. It's More Responsible. And, It's Affordable.

Did you know that most of the electricity in the United States is generated from fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil? When these fossil fuels are burned, air pollutants are released into the atmosphere. This pollution negatively affects our environment and contributes to global warming*. Since 1990, demand for energy has risen by 30%**, and it's predicted to keep rising as the global population grows and more people are using modern technology to power their lives.

Why should you choose green energy?

There are two basic reasons we think you should green energy:

  1. If more customers begin using renewable energy, the market will react by creating more of that energy, and the more of it that's created, the cheaper in price green energy can become. When demand from the consume increases, companies generating the energy will increase the supply, and when supply is high, the price tends to drop.
  2. Green energy's increase in popularity is driven by consumers hoping to reduce society's dependence upon energy sources that will eventually be depleted because they can't be renewed in a short span of time.

New Leaf Energy isn't advocating that everyone stop using fossil fuels altogether, but we do think that we can create a more sustainable solution to our energy needs by encouraging the use of renewable energy sources in balance with more traditional energy sources. Besides the combination of low electricity prices and energy independence will always benefit the consumer.

How do I join the green movement?

It's simple. There's no need to change your entire lifestyle (though you can do that, if you feel so inclined). You can do your part by switching the type of electricity used in your home. With New Leaf Green Energy, you know that you're using 100% green and renewable energy. And once you've signed up for electricity with us, we have a range of tips, articles, and ideas to help you implement green living best practices into your everyday life.

* EDF calculations based on World Resources Institute Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (subscription required); includes emissions from land-use change and forestry.

** U.S. Energy Information Administration Annual Energy Review Release Date: October 19, 2011

how can I go green?